Day-of Surgery

  • Ensure you shower or bathe and brush your teeth on the morning before your surgery. Please remove all makeup, including mascara, lipstick, and nail polish, and take out contact lenses.
  • Opt for loose, comfortable attire. Some procedures may make tight clothing feel uncomfortable afterwards. Considering the surgery center’s cooler environment, wearing warm clothes is advisable.
  • Leave valuables like jewelry, wallets, and purses at home.
    • However, remember to bring your insurance card(s) and a valid ID!
  • We recommend minimizing the number of people who come with you for the sake of everyone’s comfort in the waiting area. Only one companion is suggested, although both parents may accompany pediatric patients.
  • There are several common types of anesthesia used to perform your surgery. To learn more about the types of anesthesia used for procedures we perform, click here.
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day of surgery

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Day of Surgery

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